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last update: May 25 2014

These are some screen-shots of UDE in action. Click on thumbnails to enlarge the images. If you would like to see your screenshots here, simply send them to Christian Ruppert. It would be nice if you could describe what's displayed.

UWM 0.2.0: Ksh, XBitchX and NEdit. By Jonathan Heusser. UWM 0.2.1: GtkICQ, The Gimp, 2 x XV (UDE Logo and huge background), Netscape, Applixware, and an ETerm. By Jonathan Heusser. UWM 0.2.2: The Gimp, XV, TkSETI, Eterm and the new hexagonal UDE-Buttons. By Jonathan Heusser. UWM 0.2.3: Edith, xterms, one rxvt and the xclock. By Jonathan Heusser. UWM 0.2.7: Netscape and Mupad. By Christian Ruppert. UWM 0.2.8: irissi in (transparent) Eterm. By Greg. UWM 0.2.8: dillo and circuslinux. By Greg. UWM 0.2.8: Andreas Gutscher's giger theme. By Andreas Gutscher. UWM 0.2.9: Diego's theme with gimp, dillo and oclock UWM 0.2.9: UDE running on a slack box  mplayin' zepp, transparent mrxvt at bottom- and a personalized app-menu. By JP UWM 0.2.11: Pcmanfm,Gimp 2.8 (by Thorn Inurcide)