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last update: May 04 2013
This is the official home page of U D E

The UDE-Project is creating a new WM which will be a complete GUI in future. The project does not use any special GUI-Libraries such as QT or GTK+. We just use the standard Xlibs (both to keep UDE fast and slim and to avoid dependencies). UDE has a completely original Look'n'Feel, it's not just another copy of the so well known "classical" window management user interface.

UDE - Get used to it!

Current stable version: ude-0.2.11


Sat, 04 May 2013 16:51:16 -0000 uwm 0.2.11 released

Good news everyone, I just released uwm-0.2.11!
The main improvements wrt. 0.2.10a are:

  • made keyboard combinations CapsLock and NumLock insensitive
  • live appmenu reloading now possible
  • added internationalised font set support for menus and window titles
  • minor updates to urdb
  • some bugfixes

I would like to use this occasion to welcome our new project member Alexandr Lyashko. Alexandr was the main contributor to this release. Thanks a lot for your effort, Alexandr. Without you this release would not have seen the light of day as quickly.

Have fun,

Sun, 23 May 2010 18:57:42 -0000 uwm 0.2.10a released

I just released a 0.2.10a which is a minor bugfix release for the build system of 0.2.10. Upgrade if you experienced trouble with 0.2.10 or if you are interested in a minor gain in performance on some systems.

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 15:15:38 -0000 uwm 0.2.10 released

Good news: uwm 0.2.10 is out. It includes:
- 64 bit support
- italian language support
- some updates to urdb
- the possiblility to have hex icons of arbitrary size and shape (we should look for another name for them ;)
- some minor bugfixes

Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:54:35 -0000 CVS to SVN migration complete

The CVS to SVN migration is now complete. All issues should be fixed and details on how to get the latest development version from svn are available at http://udeproject.sourceforge.net/download.html#svn
Please report any issues you might find.

have fun,

Fri, 18 Aug 2006 20:26:09 -0000 CVS to SVN conversion and new development strategy

Due to the recent wave of interest in uwm I have decided to try to work on uwm on a more regular basis again. Since I very probably still won't have the time for major improvements, I'll resurrect the 0.2 branch and limit myself to incremental improvements and some backports from 0.3.

I have also moved the source code from cvs to svn which is definitely the better tool imho and i'll post another news item and instructions on how to access the repository as soon as I have tested the database more thoroughly.


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Project founded by Jan Rocho,
programming started in April 1998 by Christian Ruppert.