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last update: Apr 30 2013

How can I set a background image/wallpaper in uwm?
Use the ScreenPixmap option in the config file as described in the uwmrc section of the user manual.
Note that uwm must be compiled with jpeg support and libjpeg must be installed on your system if you would like to use jpeg files as screen background images.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts currently available in uwm?
Yes, there is preliminary keyboard support available in uwm-0.2.x (see the manual for details) and there will be more extensive and configurable keyboard support from uwm-0.3 on.
There is also a patch to extend uwm 0.2.x's keyboard support available at http://www.agutscher.de/udepatch.html.

Why don't the keyboard shortcuts work on my system?
Currently (uwm-0.2.x), the keyboard shortcuts only work with num lock, caps lock and scroll lock all turned off. This will be configurable for uwm-0.3.

Why do my windows freeze while I either resize a window or while the windows menu is open?
This is currently the most efficient method to prevent programs' operations on windows from getting in your way while choosing a window from the windows menu or resizing a window.
This behaviour is probably not the optimum, however, and thus might be changed in future versions of uwm.

Are there any dependencies required on my system in order to run uwm?
Uwm does not have any dependencies other than the X11 client libraries.
However, if you would like to use jpeg images as screen backgrounds libjpeg must be installed (including the packages providing the associated header files if you compile uwm from source).