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Some things you might want to try out
(playing the piano)

Once you're used to uwm's basic ''feel'' as it is described above you might start wondering if this is all or if this piano-like mouse-usage is good for anything except of confusing new users and getting rid of the title-bar. The answer is: It is, and this is one of the things I personally like best about uwm's user interface: The chords.

Raising/Lowering while moving

Open several windows on the screen. Drag a window around using the middle mouse button. You might recognize that this window does not change its stacking position while being dragged. While this effect in most cases is quite useful there might be situations in which you want to raise or lower a window while dragging it and so not only position it two- but threedimensionally. Press the left mouse button while dragging the window (and release it again, keep the middle button pressed while doing this) - Whooops: It's risen to the top. Now press the right button and watch your window disappear behind the other ones...

Multimenu selection
(Cha Cha)

Imagine you have several programs put into a subsubsubsubsubmenu of uwm's Application Menu and want to call two of them at a time. I suppose you don't want to call the Menu, work yourself through the submenus to the application, release the button, let the menu disappear and redo all this from the beginning to call the second program. So to make this a little easier simply keep the right button pressed which will keep the menu alive while selecting the programs to be loaded by clicking on the corresponding items with any other mouse button (Amiga users might remember this feature).

Using this method you can also e.g. open several xterms without having to leave and recall the menu in between. Simply click on the xterm item three times in case you want three xterms. Please note that in this context releasing the right mouse button will only load the selected program in case the corresponding item has not been selected by clicking on it directly before releasing the right button.

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