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Menu definition files

A menu definition file is a hierarchical file made up of the following commands:
SUBMENU "<name>" {commands to build submenu}
will create a submenu named <name> with the items created by the commands inside the braces.
ITEM "<name>":"<command>";
will create an item on the corresponding position named <name> which will lead to the execution of command if selected. The item is not created in case there already exists an item with the same <name> in the same submenu.
will add a seperation line to the corresponding position. Several LINEs with nothing else in between will be truncatd to a single seperator.
FILE "<filename>";
will process the named file as if its contents were in the position of the FILE command. The file is searched for in the way described above and passed through the preprocessor.
PIPE "<command>";
will call <command> and process its standard output as if it was in the position of the PIPE command. The commands output is not passed through the preprocessor.

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